How are your new years resolutions going? Time for a good reminder to keep you on track?! Get that bottom here for the punishment you need to get back on track!

In travel news...
     Mother and I will be in Columbus April 7th-8th. We will take sessions together and individual. Cost is $120 for each for the hour. (ei. If you want one of us it will be $120, if you would like both it will be $240.)

Mother Daughter sessions are like nothing you have ever exprienced and are not for the weak of heart!! Challenge accepted?! 

Mother and I will also be visiting Chicago this summer the week of 24th with a limited schedule, details to follow, but if interested please feel free to contact us now. We booked fast last fall. 

News & 
​Travel info

About Macie

I will share a bit about myself but feel free to ask questions if I didn't cover it here. 
First let me say I am a Disciplinarian not a Dominatrix.
I do my sessions in a domestic setting as opposed to a dungeon. 

I have been spankings since 2012 and enjoy every one I administer. I work hard to give you the experience you are looking for. I do not have a one size fits all view on spanking. Each person that comes to me does so for a very personal reason. I pride myself in being able to take the information you give me and creating the scene you desire in a safe and sane way.  

I am cross dressing friendly, and will absolutly spank you in your panties or hose! 

I do spank both men and women. 

I am located in Cleveland, Ohio near the Cleveland Hopkins airport. 

                            I do not EVER provide happy endings.. Do NOT ask! ​

Types of sessions 
A brief explanation of common sessions

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there are as many types of sessions as there are people who want them, I have just added these descriptions for people who may not know exactly what they want or how to word it best. If you have other styles in mind feel free to share your ideas too. 
Introductory Spanking 

If you have been thinking about spankings but have never had one because you are scared or ashamed, this is for you. I will sit down and talk to you for a bit to get a good understanding of what you are looking for. I will do my best to make you feel comfortable and build the trust needed to explore this desire you have deep inside you. We will decide together what you would and wouldn't like to explore then we will act on it.  I will also show you impliments as I use them so you get a better understaning of what things feel like. 
Discipline spanking  (my favorite)

When being disciplined generally there is strict conversation as to the issue at hand. I will be asking for real answers to why you are here being punished and how you are going to change your behavior in the future. Mouth washing is also sometimes needed for foul mouthed boys.  
Stress relief spanking 

Durring a stress relief session there generally isn't much talking. The focus becomes the spanking itself as I vary the implements for a variety of sensations and impact. Many times these are harder impact and will take your mind deep into yourself. The lasting effects of this stress relief is said to last for days for many people. 
Behavior Modification 

Sometimes we just need a good old fashioned paddling like when your mother or teacher would punish you to get your behavior back on track. This will start over my knee and surely end with the wood paddle.  Corner time is also a very good possibility so you can sit and think about why you just got spanked. 
Role Play 

Do you enjoy role playing? This is for you, you can email me your favorite scenario and we can play it out.  Many bad boys like to relive mommy or auntie scolding them and being bent over a knee and followed by corner time. But it is up to you, let me know what you would like to play out. 
Simply Spanking 

If you don't have a specific reason to "need" a spanking, you just want spanked, that is quite welcomed too. I would be quite happy to spank you just because you enjoy it. There is just no better way to let the worries of life fade away than over my knee with a soothing hand spanking! 
Only Foot worship 

Do you love to rub feet, lick feet, kiss feet, have feet on your face? Then this is for you! You can kiss, lick and rub to your hearts content, I love my feet rubbed and welcome your foot fetish in our session. 

You may even enjoy a trip to the salon for a pedicure. You can come and watch my feet being pampered knowing you will soon get to touch and kiss those wonderful freashly manicured toes!! You will even get the honor of paying for my pamporing! It doen't get much better than this!  

Key holding 

Need to be held accountable? Love not having control over your orgasms? I will lock you up and hold the key! We will set the time together and you will have to check in. This can even be done long distance. 
Travel $120

I do occasionally travel and will post when and where I will be when I do. But due to additional costs when I travel I do have to charge a bit more, still very reasonable!!

If for some reason you aren't sure if you can make a session ahead of time but find last minute that you could be there, by all means send me an email and see if I have any last minute openings! I will do my best to get you in! 

  $100 Outcalls
When you are staying in my area but need me to come to you. This is generally done in the evenings.

30 minute sessions              $60

Schecduling a 30 minute session is not intended for cramming a whole regular session into a shorter time! It is used for things that won't take a whole hour. Such as, a foot worship session, a quick teacher or principal spanking bend over with your pants on, with no warm up. Things that don't take much time. 

Do not expect me to cram a "scene" into such a short time. Remember your allowed time needs to cover your getting ready and dressed too. 

If you want a 30 munite session it needs to be the type that can be done that quick. 

60 minute sessions                   $80

Scheduling a 60 minute session is the typical length of time a general spanking requires. This gives us time to chat a bit, your nerves to calm a little and to dress and undress without feeling rushed. The spanking doesn't actually take the full hour, but you will appreciate the time to come back to your head and have some water.
90 minute sessions                  $120
A 90 minute session would be for a very intense spanking, or detailed role play with corner time, mouth soaping and scolding. You would want the extra time not to feel rushed thru the differnt elelments of the punishmet. Nothing worse than not enough time to write your 100 sentences!